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15.5.2013Dear visitors of our web page, I would love tell you great news. Today we visited our veterinary on sonograph and we can give you awesome news : Our ASHLEY is pregnant, and we hope that everything will be going well and on the world will come beautiful and healthy pupies around 25th July with great character. Presumption´s of parents are the best we hope like that:) Wish us only the best and health and soon we will write another news. Have a nice day Silky Sleeper.

30.4.2011Dear visitors of our site. Today is the day "D" so we go with our afternoon Abe Dogs Realm Barunka alias for the groom to the kennel. Avesta Peritas.Jak we already mentioned, we chose again a wonderful stud dog JCh.Gan Dele Mountain Anem. Previous "A" litter was very kvalitní.Jak show success in terms of the puppies from this litter, and especially in terms zdravotní.Všechna raised puppies we have HD-0 / 0! in spite of their very robust skeletons. Female Agathe and Ashley have almost 90 kg.Věříme that everything will be and we look forward to the next cute "cvalíčky. " Surely we will soon know how everything goes. Health all from Silky Sleeper. Poslech Fonetický přepis Slovník